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Welcome to Funny Porn Games: my pet project that I've worked on for the last 5 years! When I first launched this community, it was for one reason and one reason only: to give the world a platform that they could visit for the very best in saucy games with a comedic focus. I think that Earth is a little too serious right now and I can ease that burden somewhat by doing what I do best: producing and publishing the best games around with a funny and XXX focus! I should actually mention that FPG is a relatively large studio nowadays: while it started out with just 3 dudes, our studio has now grown to a dozen people and we're going to continue expanding just so long as you folks continue to play our games! We're convinced that in due time, we'll be a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world and cannot wait to show our skills when they're put up against what everyone is able to do. It's night and day from our perspective, but going forward, we want to show the world just how incredible what it is that we do. Don't believe us? Well, I'm more than pleased to invite you in so that you can see for yourself! You can even read a little down below and I'll give you a series of reasons why Funny Porn Games should be your one and only choice for XXX gaming entertainment. You'll be laughing in no time at all, that's for sure!

Lots of games inside

One of the major appeals that I see compared to a number of other spots online that offer games is the simple fact that when you check out Funny Porn Games, you're getting access to a huge quantity of titles. It's important to us that we appeal to as many folks as possible, so if that means we have to release dozens of titles, so be it! As things currently stand, the database here as 28 fully released games and a further 5 in a beta testing stage that you can check out yourself. You'll be shocked at just how wide we've thrown our nets and yeah: we're not going to slow down any time soon! The name of the game here is to hit everyone else where in hurts: in the numbers department! Don't go thinking that we've reduced quality in any way by having a lot of titles though: it has been done thoughtfully and to maximize the returns for all the horny games who come here to jerk off and have a great time. You're going to be laughing your ass off and jerking your cock all while it's happening! We're the most committed folks in the game and won't stop until everyone sees that. The horse has bolted and it's about damn time you see for yourself what this porn gaming venture is capable of.

Access for free right now

This is probably one the best element and aspect of Funny Porn Games that I think most folks will literally love: you can sign up and create your account without having to pay a penny. Don't go thinking that this is just some type of free trial, though: we've committed ourselves to keeping our community completely free to play from now until the end of time. This was done for the express purpose of showing everyone on the Internet what we're capable of providing and, further to that, why we're betting than everyone else. You can imagine the relief we feel being not only the best funny gaming XXX portal around, but also being the one that offers people access inside without them having to pay for it. Long gone are the days of having to hand over cash money in order to get a great gaming experience in return: we'll let you try out the full suite of titles inside Funny Porn Games and not charge you a penny for the ability to do exactly that! This might not be the traditional approach that gaming houses in adult entertainment go for, but we're taking the example of titles such as League of Legends and CS:GO to demonstrate that you don't need to cough up a bunch of cheddar in order to have a great gaming experience. So yeah, in short: you don't need to pay money to come inside Funny Porn Games and you never will!

Access on all devices

Early on in the development cycle, we had to decide how people would actually interface with our games and enjoy them. This created a situation where we had to select who'd be left behind: until we decided on the common browser as our medium of access! What does this mean, exactly? Well, so long as you have a recent edition of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera, you'll have absolutely no issues enjoying the games that we present. This naturally means that you can use your mobile device and tablet if you like: you can even use a PlayStation and other consoles – just make sure they're able to run a browser and you're good to go! This wasn't an easy decision for us to make, but the results speak for themselves: we're pleased to be able to offer a fantastic collection of games for everyone out there to enjoy. It hasn't been easy, but we're happy you can easily switch between all devices and yeah: billions of folks looking for funny sex games can get them inside here.

My final thoughts

I love being the chief dude here at Funny Porn Games, but I don't want to bore you with typing essays about how fantastic what it is we do here. So, I'm going to instead go ahead and recommend that you sign up to our little platform and try out the games we have for yourself. It'll be a fantastic experience I'm sure and by the end of it, you'll realize the advantages we have over every other space in this genre. Thanks for reading – now go and jerk off to this funny gaming catalogue!

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